He’s Clearly Not Into You – #BoyBye

Sometimes we have to take our rose gold colored sunglasses and realize that the smoking hot guy that is down-right perfect, might not be so perfect. Sure he has pearly white teeth, washboard abs, makes you blush, romantic, goal-oriented, funny, the entire package…you might feel he’s too good to be true. What happens when he’s all lovey-dovey and texts you one day and won’t text you for days.  Instead of you calling him out on his shite because you don’t want to be that girl, sometimes you must or else, he’s going to walk all over you.  Things can definitely go both ways. Below is my list for those dating that want a relationship and over-analyze things. Somethings things are rather simple.

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Risk Of Saying, “I Love You”

Have you ever pondered in fear and maybe second-guessed yourself with being able to say, “I love you” and/or “I’m in love with you.” Hoping that the other person (guy/girl) would respond and say the same thing? If you do not take the risk then what is the point of knowing whether those feelings are mutual or one sided?


I wanted Mr. Commitmentphobe to tell me that he loved me. He knew that I was in love with him. Society or atleast Media tells us that men must make the first move etc., So why can’t an independent woman like myself do it? I took the risk before Christmas. Guess what his answer was? “I wish I could feel like you do. I don’t love you like you want me to love you.” WTF? Why didn’t he just tell me, “I don’t love you? I don’t think I will ever even though I care a lot about you.” That really stung. I was glad he was honest, it validated what my intuition was telling me, “he’s not into you.” For me it’s easier to move on, if you are and act like an a$$hole. He wanted to have his cake and eat it to. The commitment without the commitment.


In the end I think we should be able to take the risk and express how we feel. Maybe I’m one of a few people that like talking about feelings. I know some people are afraid of that but I think that way you know where you stand and not second-guess, overanalyze, over think, bring drama, and/or seem insecure or needy. It just makes it easier to have open communication. What are your suggestions?



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