IRL F*ckboy Bachelor Date


Last week  confused f*ckboy Justin went on a date with a woman named Lisette on what seemed like a date. To her it was a date but he states that it was a “preliminary conversation,” but he didn’t make it known to her that it wasn’t a date. He assumed she knew it wasn’t a date, so he audaciously scheduled 6 preliminary converstations DATES!  In today’s climate of extreme doublethink aka “alternative facts”, the mental gymnastics this guy has to climb. What first dates in 2017 include a guy bringing flowers? If that’s the case apparently have never gone on dates! LOL Where are the guys that do bring flowers on a first date? Do they exist? Send them my way! LOL

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Beware Of The Date Monsters!

A$$holes,F*ckboys, Douchebags, Supera$$holes! Do they sound familiar? We’ve gone out with them at some point or still are with them. Their scent is alluring, enticing, magnetizing. They are intoxicating yet toxic.  We are blind to their narcissism, manipulations, selfishness, and inability to commit and see that it’s all about status quo. We see them as hot, spontaneous, and exciting; they tell us everything we want to hear. They are too perfect to be true. They put us in pedestals in the beginning then treat us like we are an inconvenience the next. Yet we still go out with them because they are fun and we hope that they will fall hard for us and change.

We complain that all the good ones are taken and that we can’t seem to find those nice, sweet, wonderful guys to bring home to mom. Sometimes we find the nice guys to be boring, needy, and clingy. But sometimes those nice guys will turn into the F*ckboys, assholes and douchebags. Sometimes they will just wear a mask. Use critical thinking and you might find a nice guy with a douchebag/asshole/f*ckboy mask but that’s like finding a needle in a haystack.


I would give guys chances but it seemed that I would reach those dead ends. Maybe subconsiously I wanted the heartbreak.  My advice, don’t write off the good guys completely. Have no expectations in order to not be disappointed. Pay attention to red flags.  Why is it that we let the bad ones in and the good ones out?




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