RHOA – Housewife House Wars

Last night’s episode of RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta) on Bravo aka Part 2 of Keyonce Krayonce Kenya’s unfinished house housewarming party wasn’t just about a big party or drama, it was all shade.

Key moments with commentary:

  • Kenya decides to kick out her unwanted thot guest Porsha
  • Phe Phe Phaedra is done with this mess party, “atleast we got 5 minutes.” (That’s all you need in this unventilated condemned house.)
  • Don’t feel sorry for Matt, he loves the crazy Keyonce Kenya paycheck
  • Why must Miss Manners Kenya leave her guests while she goes to her dungeon to chat up her slave Matt? Talk about being a bad hostess.
  • If guests break or scratch their heels on the messed up driveway, does Kenya pay for the Shoe Doctor? Couldn’t girlfriend get some golf carts to drive people down to Moore Chainsaw Massacre Manor?rhoa-frick-frack
  • Phaedra walking around with Porsha saying how great this horror movie set looks.
  • ShadebySheree decided to leave the party to get some gossip from Porsha and Phe Phe
  • Are Todd and Kandi trying to make a spin-off titled “Raising Ace?” Instagram and branding smell like a start of a show.
  • Mama Joyce thinks she is a lawyer, wearing dollar store Herve Leger, and talking trash about Phe Phe while Khandi cheers her on. I see you Shady Kandi!
  • Noelle asks Cynthia if she has low self esteem. Cynthia gets bent out of shape. Noelle is probably the only honest person in your life!
  • Kenya talks trash as to how Porsha’s Anger  Management can’t be cured by a “craigslist doctor!”
  • Kandi and Todd and their restaurant from hell…Is it going to have an elevator? Too many steps up and down…Maybe they will include that in the “Raising Ace” spin-off
  • Mama Joyce and crew want to get paid and the restaurant has yet to open…
  • Kandi, Cynthia, and Kenya got sugar waxed. Cynthia pretty much ate her daily calories in sugar wax.
  • Kenya shades Sheree that  Chateau Sheree is actually Chateau Thelma and that Sheree is doging the IRS…Uh oh…look what happened to Tre and Juicy Joe!
  • Porsha’s event is an Escape Room party. Lets just say she’s blonder than blond and her team (Cynthia and Kenya) didn’t help.  An event actually went smoothly without  drama. We will see how long that lasts.
  • Oh Sheree, Sheree, Sheree…this is why she’s an OG:sheree-hell-to-the-no-gif


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