Before The Goodbye…

Getting closure is ideal after any breakup. Sometimes you get the whole truth and nothing but the truth and other times, you might get a half-truth, and vice versa. A breakdown in communication somewhere in the relationship seems to be the cause for some breakups. I can attest that it was the cause in my last one. This Summer seems to be a time of closure for me. Not only did I get closure from Mr. Jetsetter but I also got closure from Mr. Batman.
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Better in Time

Deleting someone’s number off your phone is a big to deal to some. In my case, I’ve decided I wasn’t going to wait on this “ghost” to call, so I deleted his phone number from my phone. Yes, I’m a little sad because I had my hopes up that he would actually ask me on a date instead of texting once or twice a month. We seemed to click but maybe it was all in my head.


They say time heals all wounds. I’m starting to believe that more and more. I didn’t think it would be. What do you think?



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