IRL F*ckboy Bachelor Date


Last week  confused f*ckboy Justin went on a date with a woman named Lisette on what seemed like a date. To her it was a date but he states that it was a “preliminary conversation,” but he didn’t make it known to her that it wasn’t a date. He assumed she knew it wasn’t a date, so he audaciously scheduled 6 preliminary converstations DATES!  In today’s climate of extreme doublethink aka “alternative facts”, the mental gymnastics this guy has to climb. What first dates in 2017 include a guy bringing flowers? If that’s the case apparently have never gone on dates! LOL Where are the guys that do bring flowers on a first date? Do they exist? Send them my way! LOL

Justin was sooo smart that he scheduled the six dates for the same night at the same bar in DC.  All the ladies ran into one another, ditched dumbdumb and became besties! Happy ending for them and as expectedDude, this isn’t the Bachelor!

I don’t always trust tweet-threads because in today’s viral world, there are many attentionwhores seeking their 15 minutes of viral fame. But  the ladies are doing a press tour, Good Morning America, confirming their side of the f*ckery pulled by f*ckboy Justin.


F*ckboy Justin “don’t use my last name” is also getting his side of the story out. He says that he said up many dates because he’s a “project manager” and ““I never said let’s go on a date, I always say let’s meet for drinks and he set-up that night as a series of preliminary conversations. If I take you on a date, you’ll know it’s a date. There will be flowers and dinner and some other cool thing involved.” How about don’t be a f*ckboy and respect the women you take out? Is it too much to ask? Men wonder why some women have trust issues and your answer is guys like Justin! Moral of the story? Be honest, upfront, and don’t set up multiple “dates” at the same place on the same night! Thoughts? Sound off in the comments.





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