Love, I’m Letting You Go…


It’s been about 7 weeks since I broke up with Mr. Jetsetter. It hasn’t been easy moving on. The hopeless romantic part of me had some hope left. But the more I think about how humiliating and painful this has been. The process of having to let go of the guy that I thought about spending the rest of my life with didn’t choose me and our relationship in the end. I’m a fighter. Not a quitter. The only time I may stop fighting for something is when I realize that it’s an impasse at an endgame.

So instead of fighting for him, I will fight for me. It is obvious that he has moved on, he’s already in a relationship with the girl he cheated on me with. How about that? When I found out from someone in his inner circle, I was in disbelief.

I felt like I had been punched in the gut and was suddenly gasping for air. It was then that I realized he truly didn’t love me. If he had, he wouldn’t have hurt me so bad. Pain and heartbreak are one hell of a drug. Instead of acting on burning rage, I decided to wish him the best. May the happiness he couldn’t or wouldn’t find with me.

I know life isn’t a rom-com and the guy doesn’t always come back in the end after realizing how stupid he was for cheating and letting you go. I will not be the woman that is pining away and waiting for that guy. I won’t apologize for how much love I have to give. I should feel sorry for any guy that doesn’t want or deserve the love I have to give.

Moving on is such a slow process but a necessary one. I don’t need to go on the rebound and end up hurting the next guy. That is why “mancleansing” after a breakup is important. It helps one reflect and get rid of baggage. Thoughts? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Hey girly! Love the blog! I don’t mean to sound rude but your ex sounds like a piece of shit! He sounds like a typical asshole douchebag and you should be glad he showed you his true colors! Chin up buttercup! Hugs!

  2. Hi! Sorry to hear about your break-up! Your ex deserves to eat shit! Glad you are better and don’t give up on love girl! Much love!

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