Stop Over Analyzing Things Guys Tell You

I used to be an extremely over analytical type of woman until I took time to self-reflect and question my life choices. I often questioned myself as to whether I was going crazy and felt like sh*t after dating someone or while dating someone. Then I came to the conclusion that maybe I was over analyzing what men would tell me. Over analyzing is exhausting and time consuming. You read dating/relationship blogs, magazines, and maybe even Psychology Today articles to try to get the answer when usually the answer is simple. Stop driving yourself crazy and believing men speak in code. Men aren’t women, so we can’t think that they think like us.

  1. If a guy tells you that he would “like to be friends” even though he flirted like hell, believe him. He doesn’t see a relationship with you. He only wants to be your friend. He friend-zoned you and nothing you say or do will change his mind. It’s best to pick you your dignity and move on to the next one. Plenty of d*cks in the sea!                         
  2. If a guy tells you that he’s “not ready to be in a relationship” or “not looking for a relationship” he means that. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship with YOU. Repeat it to yourself and do yourself a favor and swipe left. There are plenty of men that do want a relationship with you. It’s just not him.                             
  3. If a guy gives you the “it’s me not you” speech, save yourself the trouble and don’t read too much into it. He’s giving you sh*tty closure but hey at least he didn’t ghost you or put you on the backburner. There’s nothing you can do will change that. Don’t wait for him! Run! Save your heart for someone better. Move the eff on!                                                                                                                                                                                            
  4. If a guy tells you, “I need some space,” he is telling you that he has doubts about your relationship. Give him space and maybe you should reevaluate your relationship. I would just move on with life. No one that wants to be with you will ask you for space.                                                                                                                          
  5. If a guy tells you he “I love you”, he usually means that. Although depending on the context, it could be true, a joke, etc. If he didn’t mean that, then he would have said he likes you or avoided saying it.                         
  6. If a guy tells you he wants you to come over for some “netflix and chill” or “want to hangout?” he’s DTF!  He’s being honest even though it’s not an upfront DTF. Unless he’s your guy friend (you both friend-zoned each other), he’s never made a move and he likes the same type of movies as you, then he means let’s watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.                                                                                                                                                
  7. He tells you that you “are too good for him”, “I don’t deserve you”“you deserve better than me,” he is trying to avoid looking like an a$$hole. He wants to break up because he no longer sees a future with you. Save yourself the tears and the pain that comes after hearing that and move on. He is right, he doesn’t deserve you because a way better guy that would never pull this kind of bullshite, will love and deserve you.     

Do you have any other things a guy says that we over analyze? Thoughts? Tell me in the comments section!



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