WTF? News! Blackface Is Not Cool!

Many people complain about politically correct being a problem in this country, however, this goes beyond political correctness. This is about respecting people. I don’t know about you but my babushka (grandmother) taught me about respecting people and their cultures. This is 2017! Don’t we learn from history? Don’t people feel grossed out by constant and blatant hatred of people? The world needs more love and respect!

I try to stay away from the f*ckery of giving problematic people a platform and reserving my judgment because my motto is, “do you,” but I can’t even with this! Who knew Rachel Dolezal’s impact of ‘trans-racial‘ and problematic stance was still happening today.

A German “model” Martina Adam A.K.A Martina Big, she’s appeared on Botched, has finished her “transition into a black woman” through intense chemical tanning, lip injections and using weaves. WTF is this f*ckery?¬†How could any doctor do this and feel okay with themselves ethically? Isn’t there some sort of DSM-IV mental heath issue, she needs to address? Girlfriend has issues and should get help! Thoughts?




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