I still have feelings for Mr. Jetsetter and we are still seeing each other. Am I a horrible person for pretending that I don’t care if he’s talking to other women and going out with them? Part of me wanted him to experience dating so that if he ever committed to me, he wouldn’t have that lingering feeling of what ifs. I didn’t want to be married with him and 5 years down the road, he wants to taste “greener pastures.” Am I being selfish? Am I being dumb?


We still text a lot and as if we never broke up. I’m still hurting and heartbroken.  Am I still waiting for Mr. Jetsetter to right a wrong? Is his love enough?  Should I just go on a “man cleanse”? What does “man cleanse” mean?  It means not dating any guy for a while. Taking a dating break. I just think that a “man cleanse” is a time of self-reflection.

What if we get back together? Will things fall apart? Will things get better? So what do you think? Am I playing the waiting game?

Until next time,


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