Cheater, Cheater, Cheater!

I was watching “The Intern” and when Anne Hathaway finds out her husband is cheating on her when she catches him sexting another woman and she takes him back in the end,  I thought to myself, would I stay with a cheater if it happened in my current relationship?


I’m one of those girls that still believes in monogamy. When I commit, I commit. In my opinion, I value my self-worth and respect myself not to get involved with cheaters. I remember when I went out with my first boyfriend, Mr. Freeloader and I was really into him. We were in what I thought was a monogamous relationship, I found out that he was cheating on me with this girl and got her pregnant. I was upset but I was glad to have found out. The worst part was that his family tried to cover it up. What did I do? I told him, “It’s over! Get the f*ck out of my life. Don’t think of coming back!” I’m not the type of person to take back a cheater, especially him.

Why is it that people try to compare cheating on your partner with how animals are not monogamous? Really? Are we animals? Aren’t we supposedly “the most intelligent” species of mammals? It really irks me when people, specially “doctors” with PHDs, try to do the comparisons and justifications for cheating and monogamy. Why do men say, “it was only sexts, it didn’t mean anything, I’m sorry! I was stupid and horny.”  Really a$$hole? Maybe it was a mistake that you got caught red handed! Why aren’t people that are supposed to communicate their feelings in a relationship just honest about what the actual issue is?

I think if you are not being satisfied by your mate, you should COMMUNICATE , and explain that you feel unsatisfied in certain areas and see if your partner is able to work on satisfying you and vice versa. Maybe I’m judgmental, since I see all these people “cheating.” I’m not trying to be judgey. But like I’ve said before, I believe in monogamy.  Nevertheless, I know what my values are. Therefore, I’m sticking to them. I like many other women, get unwanted attention from creepy men. I just pretend I’m talking on my phone with my boyfriend. Like I said, I’m not one to cheat. It’s too easy and repairing a relationship is hard. I would lose trust, if my current boyfriend cheated on me. He would have to work so hard to get back an ounce of trust.  To each their own but I don’t want those people in my life.


What constitutes cheating? Is cheating, texting someone constantly and flirting with them? Is cheating, sexting? Is cheating, going on “dating” apps and chatting with someone with the possible intentions of meeting? Skyping? Facetime? Chatting on FB? Snapping sexy pics on Snap? DMing someone privately on IG or Twitter ? Constantly flirting with co-workers? Flirting at a restaurant or bar? To me, all of the above constitute cheating. It has the same value as sleeping around with someone other than your partner. Do you agree or disagree? What else do you consider cheating?




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