London Calling

Ladies of London aka Real Housewives of London premiered and let’s just say these rich ladies know how to bring in the drama.


Key moments with commentary:

  • Caprice and Noelle are gone. I liked Caprice.
  • Juliet and Marissa, fighting about where to celebrate Thanksgiving
  • Marissa wanted to hold the event at her restaurant so she could promote it
  • Juliet betrays her bestie and asks Queen Caroline to host.
  • Queen Caroline calls out Marissa as a social climber that reeks of desperation? (Girl! That will go over well when she finds out! #drama)
  • Juliet felt judged by Caroline and had to mention that her house is worth 3 million pounds (ugh the struggle is real with that one #3millionpoor)
  • Marissa was uber offended that Caroline was throwing a rival Thanksgiving dinner (She’s not even American!) She also offends her bestie now frenemy as climbing higher inside Caroline’s a$$! (Watch out, girlfriend looks like she will drive a Louboutin in your eye!)
  • Caroline’s shady comment comparing Marissa to Martha f*cking Stewart without jail sentence. (She was read to filth!)
  • Juliet, I love you but you are a terrible friend.
  • Baroness Caroline F. Vs Queen Caroline S. = frenemies?



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