Don’t Forget The ME In Relationships

Why do I write this?  To remind myself and others about not forgetting about one’s self. My boyfriend, Mr. Jetsetter  doesn’t work out. I don’t expect him to get muscular and fit. He’s healthy. Just like I don’t expect him to want me to look like JLaw. But I have always been self-conscious and alittle weight gain can feel like a million pounds to me. Exaggeration, I know!

It’s been almost a year that I’ve been with Mr. Jetsetter and I gained alittle weight. Not alot! But still some! Am I too happy in the relationship? They say that “happy couples gain weight over time.” Is that true? Can we be too “happy” and comfortable in a relationship? Do we suddently forget the ME in the relationship? Why is it that some of us do that? We get too comfortable in WE and forget about ME! Never lose touch with yourself. Before I lived with Mr. Jetsetter, I was living alone and an hour and a half away, I worked out almost everyday. Then I moved and stopped doing it as often. I started up again, little by little. I enjoyed it, so I do it. 200_s-1




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