Love Too Soon?

As I was leaving days ago, Mr. Jetsetter said, “Love you. Bye.” What? Did I hallucinate? Is it too soon? I know him since mid-April. We’ve talked alot, texted alot, skyped alot , seen each other since then. So why isn’t this the right time? Maybe romance in real life exists?loves

If your intuition tells you that it’s the “right” time to say it, then say it. But then again, do you believe in what society tells us about letting the guy say it first? What if you both feel the same way in terms of loving each other but never say it for whatever reason?

Love does have multiple meanings. It doesn’t have to be romantic love it could mean I care so deeply for you that I would do things that I wouldn’t do for someone else. You can have family love and friend love.

Maybe it’s all about the give and take. So many questions again.  Does love or saying, “I love you” or “I’m in love with you” kill the relationship if one does not feel the same? It feels good to have feelings of reciprocation but if the feelings are not reciprocated then it will feel horrible! Is there a right or wrong moment to say those three little works or five little words?



kiss lips

P.S. In case you were wondering, I feel the same way about Mr. Jetsetter as he does with me. #truelove #lovemetruly #FriendLove?

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