2 Become 1

Quick update on life:  Mr. Jetsetter and I are going pretty well. I really like him a lot. Where was he all my life? He’s totally a keeper. I seem to be spending a lot of time with him. Which brings me to the topic of not forgetting your friends.

I can’t tell you the times when I have had acquaintances or friends that got in a relationship and forgot about their friends or the things they liked doing before they got in the relationship that they won’t do anymore. Yes, sometimes we have times when we are busy but that is no excuse for not doing the things that made you interesting and made you YOU.tumblr_mcmi8fgyea1r62tiyo1_500

Are we not individuals? Therefore, when you are part of a couple, you are two individuals. Not One! Even if 1+1=2. We have to maintain our own identity. We have to keep doing the things we did before we became a couple. Support each other to keep your friends (some will probably mesh together). Support each other’s interests. Obviously, you both have to COMMUNICATE. Therefore, if you keep your own interests and friends then you will have things to keep your relationship fresh other than talking about things you read, saw on TV, or heard on the radio. So what do you think about the topic? Have you lost yourself in your relationships?




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