Do You Speak Dutch?

Dutch is not only a language spoken in The Netherlands. To go “dutch” means each person will be to pay for his or her own expenses during a date or if you and your friends go out somewhere to eat or whatever.

The big question is: Who pays for the date? I think that if you ask someone out, then you are going to be the one paying. Now if you invite a few people to join you, then that means everyone is paying their way and going dutch.


So if you ask me out, then expect to pay and vice-versa. Even if you ask me out, I will probably offer to pay. I find it nice when guys say, “it’s okay. I will pick up the check. You can do it next time.” From what I’ve experienced, that first date will usually set up the tone of the relationship. If we go “dutch” on the first date, not overanalyzing, that probably means that we are either just going to be friends or that there is lack of chemistry, etc. I personally just interpret, again not overanalyzing, as a sign of interest or lack thereof.


It’s 2014 and women are independent etc. Sorry to be sexist, but men are supposed to be men! My point in talking about guys is that if you ask a woman out; make sure you have money to take her out. Isn’t paying for your date, part of being chivalrous? A gentleman? What about opening the doors and pulling out chairs? Yes, we all have hands and can do that for ourselves but do it every once in a while at least! Is it that hard?  In my opinion, it makes you more attractive. Who pays? Is chivalry dying?



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