No Longer Crying For You

I’ve been able to think a lot clearer now. I don’t think of the past. I’ve talking to someone new (Mr. Jetsetter). Just don’t know when we will have an official date. I won’t push him. So what are things that I may have done to get over my past guy?

I find that there are some things that one can do to get over a break-up and no it does not involved being with someone else.

  1. Think this is permanent. There’s a reason why it’s a break-up! Don’t think this is a Rom-Com where he will come back to you in the end.
  2. Tell your friends that only you are allowed to trash talk him. Friends can be your friends by being there for you but they shouldn’t trash-talk him because if you get back together (it might be awkward).
  3. Be selfish. Keep busy! (Take care of yourself. Try new things. Get healthier. Indulge but don’t over indulge. 1 cupcake not 12! ½ cup of ice cream not the whole pint! )
  4. Don’t call, text, or email him.
  5. Don’t social media stalk him.
  6. Don’t go all psycho and destructive (no keying the car, breaking his windows, denting his car, flattening his tires). Revenge is a NO! You are not Carrie Underwood and cannot key his car…
  7.  It’s too early to be “friends”. You need time to yourself.
  8.  Don’t get drugged up or drunk. Unless it keeps you from calling him, maybe some melatonin.
  9. Cry. (Let all your emotions out)
  10.  I recommend boxing up all the memories that you have of him/her. Their clothes, movie ticket stubs, pictures, etc. Leaving those things out will only remind you of what could have been…
  11. Don’t rebound! It’s not fair for you to “hook up” with someone under false pretenses that you have moved on from your ex and lead someone on. If you aren’t completely over the ex. Don’t lead people on! It’s not fair or nice.

Any suggestions?



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