I was listening to a Sirius XM show the other day and one of their discussion topics was rating guys (mainly) on a 1-10 scale of attractiveness. I almost crashed my car! I was perplexed. WTH?  Okay, maybe I exaggerated on crashing but seriously. What is this whole dating thing about? Hot or Not? Yes, we do need some standards but to just rate people on looks? In my opinion, the topic seemed pretty superficial and shallow.betterthings

My coworker and friend Kelly, whom I asked if she ever rated guys, said that it depends on chemistry not on looks. I agree whole-heartedly. Isn’t it more about a guy’s character (personality) that makes him more of a match? I’ve never rated guys that I dated or if I was getting hit on by, if I was interested I listened and used my critical thinking to figure out whether there would be a date or not.





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