Bulletproof Hearts In Dateland

Where are you at right now? Do you like playing the field, do you want to be dating someone exclusively, or rather enjoy being single and not dating? I hate playing the field. It sucks. But that’s what dating is, a playing field. Where do we go play the field? Online, apps, bars, lounges, or clubs? Necessary evils. That’s where most people are hanging out and scouring for singles. I hate bars and clubs unless its just to dance. Some of my besties are friends with the door guy and it’s been so easy to get into clubs and bars.


I could only hope that friends can play matchmaker and get it right. Cynical me is holding her breath. I forgot 2014 is the year of positive thinking. LOL. So far it’s been one, two, three date lame duds. Maybe when I go up to A & M to help my bestie look through Ring Dance dresses, she can set me up with a non-douche bro. A girl can dream. I’m attracting nothing but trust fund d-bros. Who knows maybe 2014 is the first actual boyfriend year? Maybe I should wish for a guy that actually gets me and respects me.

Yet, here I am. Single and  not really dating as much. Kind of over it. Guys on dating apps are all about trying to give me the D. Is the world only full of emotionally stunted guys? Are we just dating emotionally unavailable guys because of some past trauma?



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