Is Chivalry Dead?

Why does it seem that courtesy has gone out the window and everyone is selfish? Are we as a society just creating these guys or women that don’t care? Is chivalry dead? Just because everyone is “equal” does not mean that we stop acting like gentlemen! It’s “the little things” that count! We all deserve respect. Why is it so hard to be courteous?charlotterescue

Maybe I haven’t found a guy that is as chivalrous. Maybe I expect too much from men. But as a woman, I do expect you to walk side by side with me, open the door for me, etc,. Just because there are some women that are all about being egalitarian and “leaning in” doesn’t mean I’m like that.  Society has expectations as to how guys are supposed to be. There are things that I agree and disagree with as far as those expectations go. But I still think that there are things as common courtesy and etiquette.


It’s not impossible to find chivalrous guys. I’ve dated a one or two, albeit things weren’t meant to be and didn’t last. But I have yet to find a guy that’s chivalrous in the present. Is chivalry dead?




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