Odd Girl Out

With the, at times dreadful, Holiday season over,  I thought of how many times I’ve been invited to family/friend get-togethers and parties as “single – no plus one.” Have you ever felt like the “odd one out?” Sometimes I felt like the 3rd wheel, 5th wheel, 7th wheel…etc…usually I’m like “whatever” but for some reason this year, I felt like crying. I cried on the inside but made jokes on the outside. So when did I feel like the odd one out?


Let’s see…at my Thanksgiving dinner, there were three couples. I was the odd one out. Glad my besties were texting me, I didn’t feel so alone. I felt like crying. But I had to keep my composure. Maybe this means that I’m not completely happy being single and alone. I’m independent and self-sufficient, like i’ve said before, but it’s extremely hard to avoid situations where i’m the single one and everyone is coupled. Maybe I should just make new friends that I can go with to those functions. Have you ever been in the situation of being the odd one out?




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