Let It Go!

I am working on letting go and trying to forget about my past experiences before the new year. We all have baggage but we can learn to at least let it go. Maybe forget about it. Forgive the people that hurt us. We are in control of our reactions.

My life, like anyone else’s, has felt rocky, unstable, and at times painful. I let life experience poison me almost to the point of being bitter. Baggage is toxic. Yet, most of us carry it and some will carry it all their lives. Some of us will hold grudges because we let whatever form of baggage keep us from letting go. Grudges and resentment are some of the worst things we can hold on to. In my opinion, forgiving and forgetting does not mean acting like everything is fine and dandy with the people that did you wrong. Personally, I’m at the point of my life where I feel that I let a lot of baggage bog me down at times where I didn’t need that to pop up. Some came up at the point of having major breakdowns. I didn’t need that professionally. I can’t let that pain of the past affect me as hard as it had. Some of it led me on the path of emotional eating and other times it led me into the path of almost starvation. I’m slowly forgiving and forgetting the things that I remember some people that are not in my life at the moment did to me. They really hurt me emotionally and psychologically. However, I let it! Some of it I could not help it that it did. Maybe I’m blaming some of my problems on them. The blame game is a bad thing too but we can’t help it if they are to blame for some of the problems we have.

I’m at the point in my life where I am thinking about me. It might be selfish but I think we need to think about ourselves first. I think it goes hand in hand with, “how do you expect to love someone if you can’t love yourself?”   How do you let things go?letitgo





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