The Ghost That Haunts

Remember a while back, I was ghosted by Mr. Aviator? He texted me May 10, May 26, May 30, June 7, June 26, July 18, July 29, August 23, September 12, October 19, November 12. I’m just going to assume he will keep texting. I was replying and being nice. Almost every text was, “Hi sexy”; “Hi sexy miss”; “I miss you”; “I need a nap buddy”; “I can’t wait to see you again”.  Yet he never made actual plans. Do ghosts come back to haunt us? He never replied as to why he ghosted me. Am I his back-burner babe (the girl he keeps in rotation in the back burner in case his front burners go out)?  Am I just attracted to hot, tall, all american dbags/effboys?  What would you do in this situation?





kiss lips

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