Keeping Up The YOU



My perspective on relationships right now seems to be, “fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a bumpy ride!” Maybe it is a skewed view but the more I am learning about myself and looking back at the lessons from my past and present. It seems that that’s the way the ball rolls. At least from the way I see it with my own relationships as well as the relationships around me.

I realize that sometimes I jumped to conclusions because either I read too much into things, over analyze, or call it like I see it. I have learned, as of now, that things aren’t always that easy. Things can sometimes be complicated. Things aren’t always as they seem on the outside but we need to have an objective perspective without over thinking a situation, like a relationship.


Wow! Doesn’t that sound like a new me? Maybe. My new focus is trying to go on a path of self-actualization as Dr. Abraham Maslow describes in his theory the hierarchy of needs. This mancleanse has really opened my eyes and made me think more. I’m an advocate for always working on yourself whether you are or aren’t in a relationship. It seems that a lot of break-up articles, blogs, advice, etc… tends to focus on the fact that you need to focus on working on yourself. It grates me because I personally think that you work on yourself forever in and out of a relationship. I doubt that we become the perfect person we picture in our head. It’s an ideal.giphy-1

It’s something we work towards but I doubt we ever reach that. We probably get close enough. This is always great. Hence, the reason I’m now putting my focus on self-actualization. I have always worked on myself. Sometimes, I had periods of being in a blue mood, I couldn’t think about doing that.




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