Taken For Granted

Is the saying, “We never appreciate something until it is gone,” really true? Maybe I have not experienced that. I try to get over things quite quickly. I bounce back.  I’ve learned that most people are not “putting all their eggs in a basket” because either they are not ready for a relationship and/or they are still playing the field. I know that nothing is forever. Nothing lasts forever. We might not live a full life for whatever reason: illness and death.

However, should we live with that notion? I think we should live day by day and have flexible plans and goals. That is what I am trying to accomplish now. It is was harder, when I was feeling heartbroken. I felt so “blue” some days that I only wake up because my pets need to be taken out for a walk and to be feed. Does time heal all wounds?


I was taken for granted because I am so reliable. Maybe I was too reliable. Maybe I expected too much. Or not enough. I have always believed in “treat others like you want to be treated.” Lesson that I learned is that not everyone thinks that way. There are people that are narcissists and think only about what they can get for themselves at whatever the cost because it is all about them and they get what they want. I guess I have never and I truly mean never have taken anyone for granted. I have always remained independent. I felt that I do not need anyone’s help or love because I can do it on my own.

Have you ever taken anyone for granted that you wish you could turn time and apologize? Have you ever been taken for granted and didn’t realize until it was too late? Have you ever been taken granted for that you saw immediately and moved forward and let that person go? I think we should not take our lives or anyone for granted.



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