I Can Exist Alone…

I’ve begun to realize my self-defeating patterns. I’m trying to see how I can change them. I’m working actively on being able to receive instead of just giving. All my life, I think I’ve been nothing but a giver. Then I wonder why I feel used, neglected, and taken for granted. I’m permitting myself to savor, enjoy, and trust being nourished. If someone doesn’t treat me like I treat them, I don’t wait for them to change.


If you go days without texting or calling, I’m no longer waiting around. I cut it off and move on. I’m done waiting. I have two wonderful dogs to keep me company and help me get through the night and weekend. I’m worthy of romantic love. I’m worthy of being happy. I can exist alone better. I appreciate my close knit group of friends that have my back and give me support as I them. Quality over quantity. Don’t you agree?





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