So I met this guy Mr. Aviator a week ago and we went out on a date. He was texting me through out the day and we had a date set for 7pm. He stopped texting at 2PM, I got home at 4PM, worked out, get ready for the date. It’s almost 6:30PM and I haven’t heard from him. So I text him, “Are we still going out tonight?” and he replies, “Yes. We are. I want to see you cutie. I worked out then came home and just took a long nap.” Then he asks me for a picture, I send one, and he sends me a picture of himself just wearing boxer briefs and a baseball cap. I just glossed over it.  So he came to pick me up and drove us to Boheme, he got us some drinks and even ordered some appetizers. The date went pretty well. I told him that I thought he wasn’t going to show up and “ghost me”. He said, he promised he would ghost me and that we should do alot of stuff around town since he liked the side of town I was living in. He had to work early in the morning so we weren’t going to go to another lounge. He dropped me off and said he needed use the restroom, so I let him. He then proceeds grab me and kiss me. I kiss him back and say, “I had a really good time.” He said he did too. As we procedeed to kiss on the sectional sofa, I had to stop him, “I don’t go beyond kissing on a first date. I’m sorry. I’m not that type of girl.” He’s like, “I respect that. It’s okay. I didn’t mean to go overboard. I just really like you and find you so sexy. ” He left. He hasn’t texted at all. Nothing zilch. Ghosted. Why do guys lie?




kiss lips


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