Head Case in Space

What is up with guys that do not have the balls to say “I’m not into you” or they are not able to be straightforward, have trouble with feelings, or they do not know how to communicate well.

Mr. Commitmentphobe pulled a new one and gave me the cliché of “it’s not you, it’s me and I want to see other people (and me), “we chatted and talked but not as much. We did not hang out/see each other for 3 months. I thought in those 3 months he would figure his “sh*t out” but he did not. He became selfish. He used to make a real effort to text and call me, unless it was just part of the charm to see if he could really get me, I doubt he would fake and put on a charm though. He had made everything about me. He would volunteer to do things for me like fixing my messed up fan and even changing it out. He was like me in that sense of doing stuff for someone you learned to care about. Maybe that is when he fell for me but remained in denial due to cynicism from his past relationships that did not work out.


I had an inkling about something being up. My intuition is usually right about things in life. He said needed to sort things out.

Did I push too much to be in an actual relationship? I mean he’s the one that was rushing things the first 3 months. Then he has the nerve to play with my emotions and pull the rug from under me. I was cynical in the beginning, that it was too good to be true and i just went with the flow of things. I thought we were on the same page, he freaked out, and then took it very slow.

I know what I need and deserve. Yet, maybe I am settling in unhappiness. I was only unhappy that he did not “feel worthy enough” to be with only me. When did he realize that maybe he wasn’t worthy? Have you ever had a guy pull that on you?



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