Friends With Benefits

Have you ever thought, “What kind of relationship do I want?” There are different types of relationships: “hooking up'” or being “joined at the hip.” FWBS means “friends with benefits, casual sex without commitment, no-strings-attached sex. I think it’s just a nicer word, wrapped in a different package and a nicer word for fuck buddies. This post is about FWBs equaling FBuds.

I made a survey and from what I gathered from friends and random people, FWBs don’t seem to work out. They only work for a little while. Why don’t they work out? Usually, the partners that you were FWBs tend to either find a better FWB or after playing the field, they end up dating someone that they want to see where it goes. Sometimes the person you had some you had mutual attraction to the person that you were FWBs with but maybe one develops feelings and the other will not reciprocate those romantic feelings that you have for them. Either way some guys/girls tend to have multiple FWBs since one FWB maybe busy and unavailable at the moment you call them to come over. You only come over when it’s convenient for you and for your FWB. It’s not a daily or weekly thing for some. But again it depends on the relationship that the FWBs have.

It’s different from dating since FWBs are like a booty call, since you call them up to “chill” or “hang out” but you know that it’s going to end up having sex after either watching a movie together or whatever activity but normally it’s just about not going out in public to do things. It’s rare to have an FWB that you go out to dinner, etc. like a date. It’s different from dating and taking it slow, where you are either committed to find out whether you want to become boyfriends or girlfriends or that you are playing the field and find someone better suited for you.

In my opinion, you can whore yourself out as much as you want but in the end you are going to be running on empty. Giving yourself to anyone is just low self-esteem unless that’s the only thing you are looking for is no commitment and the joy of having sex. Ultimately, that seems to come to an end in later stages of life. Whether it is in your 20s, 30s, 40s, maybe even 50s. I think we all at some point long to be with that person that we can maybe have that long-term relationship. What do you think? What is your take on this?




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