Part Of Me

Mr. Commitmentphobe and I didn’t spend Valentine’s Day together instead he waited until today for us to “celebrate.” It was just dinner at an Italian restaurant he liked. He seemed like he had stuff on his mind. So I asked if he was okay. He said he had seen his ex-girlfriend at Galleria Mall and she was with someone else and he was still angry (seemed a little bitter) and upset over it, because he felt that he lost a part of himself that he could never get back.

When we would go out to places, he would think about the times he spent with his ex and felt that the experience was great with me but he still felt that whatever it was with the ex at that same place he could never get back. Then there were a few movies that he had seen with his ex-girlfriend that were hard to really watch because again, he felt he lost that part of himself with the ex.


I’ve technically have never had a boyfriend. Just a non-boyfriend boyfriend (a guy that you date and everything is boyfriend like except he won’t ever say you are both boyfriend and girlfriend). So maybe I don’t understand the part about losing parts of yourself. Like you give away pieces of you in relationships that you can’t get back. So in relationships and friendships, do we really give parts of ourselves that we can never get back when they end?




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