Femme Fatale – Music Review

Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale album was released March 25, 2011, I had the priveledge of listening to it probably a month in advance but I was sworn to secrecy. I love this album. I wasn’t fond of the featured artists but overall a great dance album.

  1. “Till the World Ends” – Song to dance to until you can’t dance anymore. I love it! Kesha wrote it.
  2. “Hold It Against Me” – Another song to dance to. Love the breakdown.
  3. “Inside Out” – Song you can dance close to the one you love. I find this song very sexy!
  4. “I Wanna Go” – This song tells me to dance, dance, and be a bad girl.
  5. “How I Roll” – Slower dance song.
  6. “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” – Cute song. Rap rhyming is hilarious.
  7. “Seal It With a Kiss” – A song you can make love to.
  8. “Big Fat Bass” – I don’t like Will.I.am so without his voice, this song is something you can sway back and forth. Do mini twerks.
  9. “Trouble For Me” – Anthem for all of us that fall for bad boys, a$$holes and dbros.
  10. “Trip To Your Heart” – I feel it’s a sequel song to “Heaven on Earth” from her previous album Blackout.
  11. “Gasoline” – Silly sexy song.
  12. “Criminal” – Another anthem song for being in love with a nice bad boy that your mother doesn’t approve of.

Deluxe Bonus Tracks:

  1. “Up N’ Down” – Another silly sexy song.
  2. “He About to Lose Me” – Anthem song for relationships that are on the fritz and lusting after another guy.
  3.  “Selfish” – Anthem song for selfish divas
  4. “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” – I hate waiting and this song is my anthem. LOL.





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