Hey peeps! Hey! Hi! Welcome to my little space in this big world…

This blog is a mix of my fashion, recipes, and lifestyle adventures. I wanted to share my journey and maybe learn a thing or two from all of you.

Finding deals in fashion, food, and everything in between is one of my passions. In my ideal world, I would not spare any expense! Give me only the best! But in reality, a shoestring budget keeps me grounded. I found that you can live a luxe lifestyle by finding good deals!

This is my first blog that is all inclusive of fashion, food, and lifestyle, so bear with me if I have one or two posts every week instead of daily. Here I go!

Contact me:

imageEmail: Nikki@XONikkiKat.com


IG (Instagram): @XONikkiKat

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Tumblr: http://xonikkikat.tumblr.com/



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